Flexi-Hex Eco Packaging

At last - Adaptable, plastic free bottle packaging that's recyclable (and recycled!) and actually works!

Your personalised, premium packaging solution for the finest beverages... ensuring it arrives flawless, protected, and ready to pour.

Our eco story continues…

“Plastic free packaging” doesn’t mean it doesn’t work well! This is a revolutionary design, an incredibly effective protective sleeve to protect your bottles, allowing you to deliver your pride and joy without problems (or plastic!).

The packaging can of course be personalized - Brand details can be printed on the outside of the packaging and the hexagonal cellular design of Flexi-Hex allows a glimpse of the product through the packaging.  And with a minimum order quantity of 200, it means that this product is available to all distilleries, regardless of the size.

Intrigued?  Download our pricelist here

The sleeve can also be made to suit smaller, wider bottles, such as the type often used for gin.  Also available are outer boxes to house the sleeve and bottle in, these are available in 4 sizes, for a single bottle, for 2 or 3 bottles or for 6 bottles.

If you'd like to experience the quality of this revolutionary product first-hand, request your sample to see for yourself how to give your beverage that extra touch of class.


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