Foil Blocking

A touch of class

Foil blocking defines elegance. On a business card, an invitation to a wedding or a publication, nothing else comes close when you want to position something as premium or high value.

Two hundred years ago foil blocking was an expensive, labour intensive technique reserved mainly for hardback book titles and spines but now at Windmill you can have the same high calibre effect applied to a broad range of materials cost effectively and efficiently.

You never need to worry about colour matching as foil blocking doesn’t contain ink, and it never loses its lustrous, shiny finish.

Foils are available in a huge variety of colours and finishes, including metallic, satin, gloss and matt. However, metallic foils work best on small text or artwork with fine or intricate detail – our team is here to help and guide you if you are unsure.

Windmill have been creating foil blocked masterpieces for some of the most exclusive clients for over 40 years and our team have an unmatched reputation in the industry.  Did we mention the Eastenders Christmas card? 
Request a sample pack and see for yourself how foil blocking could give your printed piece that extra touch of class and distinction.
The Windmill Approach

Foil blocking is also known as hot foiling or foil stamping.

A metal die is created, which is then heated on the press. The foil is fed into the press and the card is pressed against the die, trapping the foil in between. As the heat from the die and the pressure to the card is applied, the foil is released from the film it is held on and transfers onto the card.

Special diffraction and security foils are also available. If you would like a foil swatch to choose a particular colour, please let us know.

We can foil onto almost any weight of stock, from light weights of paper up to heavy thicknesses of board. Plastic substrates and textured materials can also be foiled.

See more examples of Foil Blocking in the showcase.

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