Gilt Edging

Give your cards the edge

When something is referred to as gilt-edged you immediately think of premium quality, of high value.

At Windmill Printing, Gilt Edging is a technique where we apply foil or colour to the edges of business cards, invitations, letterheads or books. 

The range of colours available is much wider than you'd think; rather than edges just being gilded in gold or silver, you can choose from a whole spectrum of colours.  Metallic, satin, gloss or matt foil colours, or any pantone colour you like - from flourescent to metallic!

The simple addition of a gilded edge brings card to life and a guarantee they will stand out from the crowd.
The Windmill Approach

A gilt edge is the finishing touch on your printed masterpiece.  There's no limit to the thickness of card either, the thicker it is, the more effective it is!

The process of gilt or colour edging is relatively simple, but requires a huge amount of skill and experience.

The card is clamped tightly, the edges sanded down until they are completely smooth and the foil or ink colour is applied to the edges.  Invitations can have a bevelled edge, and any invites that are larger than A6 size can also have rounded corners.

See more examples of Gilt Edging in the showcase.

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