Still raising the bar after 100 years.

Thermography is a technique that dates as far back as the 1900s that Windmill Printing have refined into a modern representation of all that is great about tactile print.

Thermography raises your artwork to new levels - typography or logotypes simply stand out on the page. Printed products have a different texture, a brilliant shine and a textured feel that will leave a strong and lasting impression.

And for the purists among you it doesn’t leave its mark on the other side like embossing so it’s perfect for just about any type of top-end print job.

The team at Windmill Printing love the expression on a client’s face when we hand over a thermography job because they know the recipient will love it too. Why don’t you give them a shout and ask for some free samples?
The Windmill Approach

Thermography is produced by a thermographic powder applied to the sheet when the ink is still wet, immediately after it comes off the press, the sheets then pass through a heat tunnel which causes the powder to melt, raise and cool as a solid.

See more examples of Thermography in the showcase.

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