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At Windmill Printing you’ll be relieved to know we have refined our methods a little since those days so if you want a perfect pantone colour match and razor sharp typography then say hello to offset lithography. Our presses allow us to print anything from small quantities of business cards to large brochures or books.

Lithography has it’s origins in Ancient Greece. Stone tablets were coated in wax or fat and etched to expose the print area before being coated with oil based ink to produce beautiful works of art.

Offset litho printing uses Pantone inks so your colour reproduction is perfect, every time, it’s also perfect for large print runs, in fact it gets cheaper the more you print, and you’re not restricted to the type of stock you want to use.

Oh and, if you want a little extra on top, like foiling, embossing, thermography or duplexing then it really is the way forward. At Windmill we love litho. And we do it really well. Let’s talk.
The Windmill Approach

High quality litho printing from Windmill is something you can be assured of. Our in-house full colour capabilities as well as excellent spot colour reproduction ensures the best result possible.

See more examples of Litho in the showcase.

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